The Hour Exchange
An Hour is always one hour.
Our promise: Every hour that you serve herein will come back to you as a full hour!

The Hour Exchange
The hour exchange is a system of exchange. The hour exchange is based on time. It is based on the HOUR. The Hour is equal to: an hour of service, or a product that took one hour to make. If some plumbing, baking, knife making, babysitting, teaching, or electrical work required two hours of your time, How much would you charge? Simple. 2 Hours!

Standard of Living
Exchanging hours increases the standard of living for you and your neighborhood. Exchanging with the dollar decreases your labor's value and thus, standard of living. On average, less than half of your effort is realized. It may be as little as 14% when you include: federal income tax, state income tax, employer licensing fees, employer insurance fee, employer overhead, employer profit, unemployment tax, disability tax, other licensing and fees, state sales tax, local sales tax, social security tax, other taxes, mortgage interest, other interests, and finally inflation. Exchanging in hours increases the standard of living for you and your neighborhood.

2 Year Return on Investment
It is easy to continue in the dollar exchange.You do so at the high price of most of your effort. Incrementally stepping over is easy, but takes time. A new community will have hardships for the first year. The second year is characterized by matching your former standard of living. The third year begins to create unparalleled standards for the average.

Abundance -vs- Scarcity
When resources are shared through exporting: opportunity and abundance is made available for both parties. Scarcity is created by design. Artificially raising the cost of resources (or manufactured goods) leads to scarcity for most and abundance for some. When anyone can mine some gold, diamonds, copper, oil, or wood with time and effort: an upper threshold of cost is established. If the price gets to high, we simply could go mine for ourselves. The real value of lumber becomes the time to: cut it down, saw to size, and deliver to market. When we begin to see goods and services as only a product of time, costing hours and not money, Then we begin to envision how an hour exchange is not only possible, it is preferred.

Fuel & Energy Abundance
Oil depletion has become scarcity's overused battle cry. When other forms of fuel are allowed to compete, oil depletion will end. Oil is just stored sunshine. It is only one form of stored sunshine. If corporations supported direct use of the sun (or a renewable fuel), energy scarcity would end. There is an abundance of sunshine. We do not require electrical power cables to bring sunshine to our property. It shines there daily. The sunshine of 10 acres is enough to support a family's fuel and energy requirement (plus reserves), across our very tall sunbelt. Learning to unlock that abundance is the family's responsibility. Listen for and support those sounding the true battle cry of family energy independence. There is an abundance!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join?
Involvement and exchange is always free and voluntary. {To create a new community - memberships fees exist.}

What's the catch?
No catch. Just people helping people, good old fashion style.

Is this a Currency?
No. There is no coinage or bills.

How does this work?
Simplistically, People exchange hours of service. Normally, we mentally keep track of the efforts of our family and friends. Your community is one step wider. Notes can be recorded as desired.

Is this like Barter?
Much better than bartering! Barter requires two-way matching of desire, and fulfillment. Barter adds a significant and unnecessary level of difficulty. Barter is best described as beneficial, but difficult. Today, we require a fast and easy method of exchange. With Hours, we can exchange, independent of timeframe or direct trade. Exchanging Hours allows the required ease, speed, and flexibility.

Will this really work?
Yes, It already does. Other hour exchanges have existed for years. It is only a matter of time - ha!

How long are Hours good for?
An Hour is always an hour. Time does not erode Hours. Your service hours are recorded. Stored Hours can give relief in times of need. Stored Hours can sustain through retirement. In fact, Hours can even be transferred to your descendants as you will.

Do Hours gain interest?
Well, no. However... Inflation has no effect on Hours! You can think of Hours gaining interest at the inflation rate.

Can I borrow Hours?
Hours can be transferred. Community service projects award the hours served. Debt is a terrible friend; but, a perfect master. Become free by living debt free!

How are Hours created?
In our system, Hours are only created when one person gives effort, talent, and time, in the service of another. Since we require an hour, to create an Hour - there is no inflation, and no requirement to limit. There is beauty in simplicity!

When there are enough Hours, creation is not required, hours simply transfer.

The creation of Hours is a critical aspect and not to be taken lightly. Appreciation deepens, when we study how other time based systems create Hours. Artificially creating hours (or printing new money) is a form of theft and slavery. Systems creating hours without effort is a burden upon those supporting the exchange. Our very pure creation method is a foundation. We are unique, fundamentally, from any other exchange.

Exchange Systems

Maximum Profit
We are raised in a system of exchange that seeks to achieve maximum profit. By nature, We must also pass along the hardship of maximum profit onto others, in order to prosper and sometimes, even to survive. We understand that this is justifiable! However, It is also obvious that there is a better way!

Fair Exchange
Always asking if this is a fair and reasonable price, and charging no more, and no less: creates the Fair Exchange. Yes, Fair Exchange is a better way! However, It still begs the question: Is there a better way?

Minimum Profit
Asking how little can I charge and stay in business, sets minimum profit. This is very difficult to the point of dangerous, especially amongst a maximum profit setting. This is possible but not wise. Can we refine the exchange any more? Yes!

Hour Exchange
An hour for an hour is a better exchange and is very robust! It is the subject of our discussion and study. Can we still ask -"Is there better?" Surprisingly, the answer is Yes!

Free Exchange
Free exchange is the most pure. However, We being human, have demonstrated that we can not handle the responsibilities necessary for successful implementation and continued operation. So for now: onward with accomplishing the hour exchange.

What's an Hour Worth?

Dollar Figure?
Are we expecting to see a dollar figure? Yes? Right! The dollar system rewards an hour with several wages: low, average, & high. However, The Hour Exchange doesn't! It takes time to mentally break out of our dollar exchange conditioning and thinking. The simple answer is: an hour is worth an hour. Time is a common currency that crosses standards and barriers. Our daily gift is 24 hours. A willingness to accept each others effort as our own is required. We unlock new opportunity, when we accept an hour for an hour.

Many are very frustrated with the current system, and lack of progress. How sane is it, to expect change, without doing something different? Trading an hour for an hour is the difference. Many will find motivation and healing, where there is apathy and oppression. The positive cycle begins to wind upwards, directly benefiting each. We live and have lived the dollar. Are we ready for true change? Then we will change. Do something different. Revitalize some of your hours in a pure exchange.

Voting is a precious privilege; However, in our system currently... well, it is of little real effect. Is it time to cast a vote with real power? We vote by how we spend time! Working for the dollar mostly supports the dollar system. Vote for true change with real power. Vote a portion of your daily hours by serving the members of your community. The difference from the dollar can be two-fold to seven-fold.

Russell Philips
The learning occurred, when I asked myself "How much of my hour do I want back?" My simple reply "All of it", was profound. At first, doubt appeared. It appeared improbable that my hour of service would return. I began to study. I was amazed when I realized that 100% effort return is likely. I became very committed when my calculations supported two-fold to seven-fold returns on effort. Once critical mass is achieved (100 vocations / 25 families), 80% of community needs can be community provided, and the abundance begins. The remaining 20% is gently eroded with time. Importing gives way to exporting. Three to five years can create a community of unparalleled workings. 5-10 years can create a community without equal.

Is this for you?
We are surrounded by a world defined by achieving maximum profit. Most are helplessly bound to the dollar system of exchange. Can we push past the indifference, greed, and lust for money and power? Today, As we partake in this pure exchange, we all gain! Perhaps, selfish motivation does apply. However, many reach deeper for a more excellent motivation. So, if we all gain, who pays the cost? Some may find additional motivation as they answer this question. Yes, You will make a difference in your life, and for others, as you simply look for even the easiest ways to apply hourly exchange. Perhaps you are already participating in neighborly service.

What are some of the Rewards?
Exchanging an hour for an hour is pure. We realize more out of each hour, in fact we will receive wholly all of the benefit! Additionally, Each that participated in bringing the hour full circle will also. The deeper in the dollar exchange we are, the more we have to gain. This is a positive re-enforcing cycle: The more we test- the more we gain! The more we gain- the more we all gain! The secret is that our standard of living increases both on an individual level, and on a community basis.

Also, Some services that we consider to costly, become available to us, but only as we trade Hour for Hour! Also, Have you noticed that inner city crowding reinforces isolationism. Today, we barely know our neighbors! Local community is important to well being. We foster local community and involvement like no other. Begin your process, out of the dollar system, as is reasonable - incrementally. Transition into your growing local network through exchanging Hours.

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